Photo by Bing Huey

In San Pedro Valley Park riparian, or streamside, habitat can be seen along the south and middle forks of San Pedro Creek and its tributary, Brooks Creek. The ecosystem here contains diverse native plants which provide food and habitat for numerous fauna. Most visible and as well as audible among these are numerous bird species that appear seasonally. Larger plants such as red alder, arroyo willow, and creek dogwood are deciduous. Among the herbaceous plants seen here are the twinberry, bee plant, thimbleberry, and several types of fern as well as several rushes.

Because it is sensitive habitat for the threatened steelhead trout, physical access to the creeks and riparian habitat is not permitted. Indeed, a healthy and undisturbed riparian habitat is quite densely overgrown and shaded with vegetation, making access quite difficult. However there are a few spots where the visitor can go to view and experience the habitat, watching and listening for birds and viewing the plant life and rare steelhead. These are located on the bridges which cross the creeks on the Weiler Ranch and Plaskon Trails, and back patio of the Visitor Center.

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