Park Closure Due to Wildfires

Due to the wildfires burning in southern San Mateo County, all San Mateo County Parks, including San Pedro Valley Park, are closed (as of 8/21/20) until further notice.

Park rangers throughout the County Park System have been assigned to support #czulightningcomplex firefighting efforts. They continue to be on the front lines of a new emergency. They are our essential workers! The County has 51 park rangers covering 190 miles of trails and 17,000 acres and they are stretched very thin.

And with more than 300 fires burning around our state, all of our emergency responders are being stretched thin, too. You can support them by staying away from the fires. And you can support everyone’s efforts by respecting closures at park entrances and trailheads. 

We will closely monitor the status of the County parks’ closures and let you know as soon as San Pedro Valley Park is re-opened.  Please stay safe and follow County Health Department guidelines regarding unhealthy air quality warnings from the impacts of wildfire smoke throughout the Bay Area.