Funding for San Bruno Mountain book

The Natural History of the San Bruno Mountains is a book that lists the all of the species of plants on the Mountain, with special attention being paid to the rare plants that only grow on the Mountain and nowhere else in the world. Full color photographs of also all species show the flower, leaf, and whole plant, as well as any special feature such as a thorn, seedpod, etc. Ever wanted to see a microphotograph of the spines of stinging nettle? It is there in the book.
In order to understand the complete story of the San Bruno Mountains, the book includes the political history as well as the relationships of the plants to the animals, its geology, climate, and most of all, to its wonderful and life-giving fog.
$75,000 is needed to publish the book. The publishing of the book will be done by Heyday Books, a non-profit publisher in Berkeley. Any profits from the book will go to Heyday Books, to cover their costs of editing, layout, and distribution; and to the California Native Plant Society; and to San Bruno Mountain Watch. The authors, Doug Allshouse and David Nelson, are doing this project as members of the Yerba Buena chapter of the California Native Plant Society and as Site Stewards of San Bruno Mountain State and County Park. They are donating their time and the manuscript to the California Native Plant Society.

Here are some examples of the information and photography you can find in the book.

Silene scouleri, Common Campion, photo by David Nelson (being studied by CNPS for protection as an endangered species, a grassland species threatened by scrub encroachment)

Lessingia germanorum, San Francisco Lessingia, photo by David Nelson (our only federally listed endangered species, grows only on shifting sand dunes; found only on SBM and the SF Presidio)

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi forma leobreweri, Leo Brewer’s Manzanita (named for a professor at UCB who was instrumental in starting the CNPS; there are only 5 plants in the wild in the world)