Visitor Center Finally Reopens!

After being closed for more than two, long years due to the Covid-19 pandemic (yes, we know that’s hard to believe), as well as some time for building repairs to take care of a couple areas of long-term water damage, our beloved Visitor Center is now open again to the general public. Beginning on July 9th, it will once again be open on Saturdays and Sundays (only) from 10 am to 4 pm and the reception desk will be staffed, as always, by volunteer hosts from the Friends of SPVP.

Our Trailside Store has been re-established in it’s usual location in the rear space that’s off to the side of the reception desk. And although the days of our popular outdoor Welcome Table events at the entrance to the Visitor Center are now likely numbered, we may still occasionally put a table outside now and again to entice visitors to come into the center and meet the Friends. In either case, we invite you to come see the many interesting items we have for sale in the Trailside Store!

Finally, the Visitor Center now includes a display of the winners of the Friends’ inaugural photo contest that was held this spring. Prints of the three winning images in each of the four submittal categories are on display and all visitors who view the photos are encouraged to participate in the “People’s Choice” contest and vote on the spot, for their favorite photo among all that are displayed.

So come and enjoy our wonderful Visitor Center again when you’re in beautiful San Pedro Valley Park!