Visitor Center Closing Again!

After just a few days short of only one full month since the Visitor Center was re-opened to the public on July 3rd, we are discouraged and greatly saddened to report that it is being closed again by the County Parks Department, due to the recent increases in Covid-19 cases in San Mateo County and the greater risk of transmission by the now-dominant delta variant. Closure is effective immediately.

We will certainly keep you posted on the status of the Visitor Center during the coming weeks and let you know when it may re-open as soon as we receive any such definitive information from the Parks Department.

In the meantime, enjoy the park – its wonderful trails, its flora and its fauna, and its picnic areas – while the pandemic runs its course. Thankfully, we can still continue to be outdoors and appreciate the main reasons why we come to San Pedro Valley Park in the first place.

Please stay safe and get your vaccination shots if you haven’t already done so!