Covid-19 Restrictions Lifted!

As of June 15, 2021, Covid-19 restrictions in place since March 2020 have been lifted for all park visitors. Two-way hiking will immediately resume on all park trails and all visitors, either vaccinated and unvaccinated, are no longer required to wear masks in outdoor settings within the park. Read more here.

The San Pedro Valley Park Visitor Center will remain closed, however, as work to repair building damage from wood rot must be completed before the building can be re-opened to the public. It is not yet clear when that work will be performed, but should occur later this summer.

The County Parks Department has further stated:

  • All restrooms and drop-in picnic areas are open (except in construction zones).
  • Two-way hiking will resume on all trails.
  • Reservations for picnic sites for June 15 and later can be made now (up to six months in advance).
  • Reservations for special events for June 15 and later can be made now in accordance with department guidelines

Enjoy your park!!