New Mountain Lion Exhibit Installed in Visitor Center

A new mountain lion exhibit, consisting of the park’s existing puma statue together with two new educational display panels, has recently been installed near the entry door of the still-closed Visitor Center.  The panels were conceived and developed by Mark Golembiewski, current Vice President of the Friends of San Pedro Valley Park, after being inspired by the puma statue that had originally been procured by Mila Stroganoff, our Zoom Webinar Coordinator.  Layout design, image selection and final production of the panels was completed by Ranger Katherine Wright, in the County Parks Department’s Sign Shop.  Kudos also go to Dave Rogers, a local photographer, who graciously allowed us to use two of his beautiful photos of pumas that he has taken within the park.

Head Ranger Matt Del Carlo and his staff recently installed the panels by hanging them in the large corner window near the Visitor Center’s entry door and moved the puma statue to a location just below the panels to complete the exhibit.  In this way, park visitors can view and enjoy the exhibit while the Visitor Center remains closed for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

In addition, an informational brochure on mountain lions has been prepared by the Friends as an accompaniment to the exhibit and will be available as a handout to visitors as soon as the County’s Communications Department completes its final edits and prints the brochure for distribution.

In the meantime, please come out to visit our beautiful park and stop by the Visitor Center to see this outstanding new addition for yourself!