Sightings in the Park

May 15, late PM: Rangers Greg Escoto & Tim Cook sighted a huge gopher snake 20 yards up the West Valley View Trail. It was much longer than width of the trail.

Gopher Snake

June 8, PM: Folks asked host Istvan, if the 5’ gopher snake crawling across the Visitor Center. floor was a usual visitor. Istvan gently escorted the serpent out the front door, where it lay in the heat of the asphalt parking lot. Puski placed it in a safer spot.

June 9, 7PM: Ray Trabucco’s heart warmed when he saw a lovely, perfectly patterned teenage bobcat at the South Walnut Grove picnic area.

Ron Wilson on June 3rd: “This bumblebee on the white morning glory seemed fast asleep in the early morn on Brooks Creek Trail. Seems pretty well covered in pollen from partying the night before & happy to sleep in past 9.”