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Living with Mountain Lions – Zoom Webinar Presentation

Saturday, August 15 at 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Event sponsored by the Friends of San Pedro Valley Park.

The Bay Area Puma Project / Felidae Conservation Fund is on the cutting edge regarding Mountain lions and Bobcats. People in the Bay Area are having many. more sightings of mountain lions but the question is, Are there more of them, are we seeing the same ones, or are there fewer? Mountain lions are currently being considered for special protective status. How do we live side-by-side with this top predator?

The webinar will take place on Saturday, August 15 at 4 pm. Reservations are required, so please RSVP to the Friends of SPVP email:

If you are interested in participating, please respond by noon on Friday,
August 14 th. On the day of the lecture, an invitation to join the webinar will be sent about 30 minutes prior to the talk in order for everyone to be ready by 4 pm. The lecture with Q&A will last one hour. Questions will be submitted in writing using Zoom. Q&A will take place at the end of the lecture

About the talk: Learn about Felidae’s current work with mountain lions and bobcats including mountain lion ecology, history, the challenges of sharing habitat with wild felids, and learn essential tips for living and recreating without fear. Using non-invasive research techniques, Felidae aims to assist in answering critical questions for the future of wildlife and advance the field of wildcat research with the help of many citizen scientists and community engagement projects. We will also learn the important role of wild cats in creating healthy ecosystems and enjoy engaging photos and videos.

About the speaker: Biologist and entrepreneur, Zara McDonald heads Felidae and The Bay Area Puma Project research programs. She will talk about mountain lions in the Bay Area, their biology and the recent changes our study has uncovered about these shy and elusive animals living at the urban edge.


Saturday, August 15
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm